Plumeria Cuttings 101
Rooting Using PGM
(Pea Gravel Method)
Increases cutting stability, aids in heat retention, holds light soil in place


Cutting, Rooting Hormone, Cup of water, Ruler, 
Potting Soil, 1 Gallon pot (clay or plastic), Perlite, Pea Gravel.

Click on image for a larger photo.

 Measure and mark the cutting 4 inches from the bottom.

Prepare the soil by mixing 2/3rds Perlite to 1/3rd Peat or Potting soil.

Fill the pot with the soil mix, leaving 1 Inch from the pot rim

Dip the cutting in the cup of water, then dip it into the rooting hormone.

Sink the cutting into the pot until the marked line is even with the pot rim.
Press and firm the mix and add more if needed.
Remember to leave and inch or more for the pea gravel.

Fill the rest with pea gravel, again press and firm it down.
Notice the size of the pea gravel.  Make sure it's PEA gravel.

Next, water it in until water drains out the holes.
Don't water it as much as I did. I was trying to get a good photo.
Finally, place pot in a warm sunny location and let it grow.

Do not water again until the soil becomes dry.
On watering, when in doubt wait a week.

Note: that even as I flooded it, the cutting did not move and no soil was lost.

If rooted in early Spring it takes less than 90 days to develop a full root ball.